Collaborative Studio


On Thursday 16th February at London College of Communication, the course invited Alumni and industry specialists to participate in an interactive and dynamic design event with students. The event emulated collaborative working practices in design studios where designers discuss and develop work in progress. Armed with beverages and a whole range of delicious pastries, we clustered into small specialist teams across our teaching studio spaces.

Alongside sketches and design development drawings, students brought in 3D working models to use as a way to map different aspects of their design across the space as a whole, and in doing so, enrich their ability to communicate to an audience. Using simple materials such as card and paper, students were invited to construct the basic layout of their design to a scale of their choice, showing indoor and outdoor spaces and using simple volumes for important spatial elements of the design. They used the model as a 3D map to illustrate their design rationale and vision in relation to the buildings/spaces/brands including: activities, interactions, movement, light-shadows, materials, atmospheres, etc. They were able to adapt these criteria to their project requirements and communication.

The session was very popular and students’ participation was fantastic. Passionate discussions led to great feedback and recommendations from our guests. Contributions from alumni and expert practitioners proved invaluable and students made significant progress with their projects.


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